This classroom is not what we wanted

I started looking for a new job right after high school. I wasn’t going to college, and my parents were no longer going getting too going to support me. I needed to find a job that would be able to offer me overtime if I needed it, and those types of jobs are very hard to find. A friend of mine knew of some job openings at one of the local factories, and I decided to fill out an application. A few days later, they gave me a call and I was on my way in for an interview. I wanted to look presentable, and I decided to wear nice clothing. When I arrived in the factory, I realized there was no HVAC system. I was poorly dressed for the environment, and the sweat started reading up on my temple. It was hard to hide the fact that I was struggling with the atmosphere, and I was afraid that it would reflect on my job interview poorly. When I first got into the interview, the person asked me about the HVAC system. He told me that the HVAC system was broken completely, but that the normal conditions were not so hot. I smiled a little, and said that I wasn’t bothered too much. I knew that he must have known that wasn’t true, but I did end up with the job. I was happy to be in the neighborhood all of these types of jobs. When I started a few weeks later, I was happy to see that the HVAC system was working perfectly. It was a very nice temperature in side of the building.

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