This house is nice and clean

When my gas furnace was right around fifteen years old, I knew that it needed to be upgraded.  My monthly utility bills had gradually risen until I could hardly afford to heat the house.  I kept setting the temperature control lower, and my house was downright chilly.  I also noticed that I needed to dust and vacuum more often.  The furnace was introducing quite a bit of dust and contaminants into our breathing air, and aggravating my daughter’s dust sensitivities.  Since a brand new furnace is a huge investment, I wanted to make smart decisions.  I did some research and learned that constantly sizing the furnace to meet the exact demands of the new home is super pressing.  A lot of times, Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractors will simply upgrade the old furnace with one of the same size.  Over the last fifteen years, my partner and I have made quite a few upgrades to the house.  The two of us installed new windows, improved the insulation, upgraded the exterior doors, and added weatherstripping.  We’ve also put on a new roof.  The heat gain/heat loss has changed tremendously.  An oversized furnace would cost more to purchase and install, and then achieve the temperature setting too hastily.  It would never have the option to achieve maximum energy efficiency levels, and the constant startup and shutdown would create uncomfortable temperature swings.  As I looked into the several models available, I realized that I wanted to take advantage of smart technology.  There are now furnaces that feature variable speed operation, which allows the device to adapt capacity in tiny, one percent increments.  Instead of simply blasting heat, at maximum speed, the furnace runs at much lower speed, requiring less energy and maintaining more even temperature.  

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