This is pretty awesome

So, I happen to have a friend who enjoys working on various projects. I don’t know what it’s actually about! Many have wondered if it’s him getting older as well as not wanting to leap into retirement, but he just can’t ever sit still in his later years. I have heard that it’s really the best time of someone’s life in quite a few different ways. I would love to have nothing to do! He tends to have so many projects going on at his farm that he has now started recruiting interns from the local college to build things for him on a regular basis. Recently, the new project was a mini solar camper. It is entirely awesome to see up close! But, personally, I can’t imagine more than one person sleeping in it! It even has solar panels on it to heat up the space in the winter. He also decided to attach solar panels on the opposite side of the camper, for when he wants to use the air conditioning. I never have been an extreme camper, however when I do camp, I am a naturalist. I prefer a wonderful tent, sitting by a campfire as well as cooking my meal on a camp stove. The whole point of camping is to enjoy the outside experience, not necessarily staying in a camper that happens to have an air conditioner. Then, again, I do remember this certain camping trip where my spouse reserved this upscale home that was all inclusive. It had a lot of perks, however my favorite had to be the hot tub on the deck. I guess I can be a little more adjustable when it comes down to it.

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