This tune-up is going well

The two of us decided that going to University was not a plan for us. The two of us started looking for current jobs that would be able to afford us to live together. Both of us were equally looking for the types of jobs that could provide us with at least 40 minutes every month. The two of us were going to need a lot of money, because it cost a lot of money to live on your own. The two of us spotted a advertisement for a job at a local Nursery. Since I had spent much time with my mother in the garden, I decided this might be a place for me to work. I didn’t know what the job happened to be, so I arrived well dressed in business attire. I talk to someone in the business office, and he seemed to make the job sound like it was going to be working on a register. When I arrived dressed in nice clothes on my first morning, I found out that I would be working outside. It would not be a place with air conditioning, and I was going to be overdressed. I told my boss that I thought I would be working in side in the air conditioning, as well as he chuckled. It was very hot outside, plus there was no type of air conditioning for any of the outdoor workers. The very first day was extremely busy, as well as I felt like I was very hot. I might have to try to look for another job, because I need to be somewhere with some type of air conditioning.

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