We are getting this working

It’s only the middle of September, and already the outside weather has turned cold.  The skies are cloudy and gray, and it rains nearly every day.  With temperatures in the mid forties, I’ve had to put away all of the box fans, remove the portable cooling systems and close up all of the windows.  I’ve switched out the summertime shorts and tanks tops for the Winter jackets and long pants.  I’ve put electric heated blankets on most people’s bed.  I have not yet been willing to adjust the thermostat to turn on the furnace.  I am reluctant to beginning paying for heating so soon.  I think that once I give in and turn on the furnace, it will run non stop until March.  I’ll be stuck paying extra each month on energy bills and breathing in that stale, dusty air.  I am not willing to give up my comfort of fresh air just yet. My whole family is complaining about how cold the house is but they will just have to deal with it for now. I do have an excuse so far because I keep telling them that we can’t turn it on until the annual maintenance check.  I’m sure that turning on the furnace would be just fine, but I refuse to admit that to them. I don’t want to even think about running it until the end of October if possible.  I really do hope that the weather we are having right now is a passing phase and we can, at the very least, enjoy a few more weeks of an indian summer before the clutches of the winter take hold.

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