We’re loving our A/C

Every year, I go with our parents to watch our sibling play in a big basketball tournament, then the tradition started when our sibling was in second grade, as well as now he is a junior. He has improved so much over his life, as well as I assume he has a possibility of winning the esteemed title of most important player on the team, but normally, we take our parent’s SUV to go drive to the big tournament, however this year, because their old SUV is in the shop, we are taking my car, my car does not have any kind of  air conditioning, although I assume that we will be ok since it is only supposed to be cool the whole  week that we are going, however at home, being without any kind of air conditioning in my car is not fun at all, especially on afternoons when I am stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, as well as the hot temperatures are in the nineties. The simple weather forecast for that week, though, is only supposed to be in the mid 70s, so I assume that we will be fine in my car, especially if we keep the windows rolled nicely down. My mom has already stocked up on a handheld fan as well as a cooler to keep us nice and cool in lieu of air conditioning, as well as I have made plans to stop for a while at rest stops or restaurants while in the warmest space of the day to get some good air conditioning, however i truly am hoping that will be just enough, as well as that we will have a great trip, even without air conditioning, however even if we truly do, I will be so thrilled to have our parent’s car back for the next year.

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