We’re loving the cooling unit

Each time a hurricane goes through the state, I notice something that I have nicknamed Truck Patrol. The morning following any given hurricane, as the dawn breaks, everyone who owns a pickup truck starts driving around to look the damage. At first, I thought that such individuals were just being nosy, or perhaps planned to show off their fancy innovative trucks. After a little time, I realized that, while those reasons might be true, there was another factor I had not thought of. Everyone had lost their power, which meant that not a soul had air conditioning! The longer people went without air conditioning, the more everyone really had to get outside or somewhere to get some cool air. Conditions were still too dangerous to look around outside in a smaller car or truck, but trucks managed pretty well, and modern trucks have air conditioning! I scoffed off the Truck Patrol when I initially started to notice it. Could those people really not handle a couple of hours without air conditioning? Were they unaware that people survived for centuries without the advantage of air conditioning? Did they not see that other people had lost their homes, and some were evacuating their houses since they had no A/C? How could they willingly waste such a very great deal of gas? Before much time passed, though, I realized how stuffy the house was, and I was fed up with getting stuck inside. We have a perfectly-working truck, and I knew that it had cool A/C. Why was I staying inside being miserable? We soon joined the Truck Patrol!

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