We’re very fortunate

The transition from hot to cold was harshly short during the previous year. I don’t think we ever had a fall season. One morning the outside temperature was seventy five and sunny, but the next day it was twenty degrees and snowing. There wasn’t a transition between running our cooling system to running our furnace. During this awkward time, my life was especially crazy. Each of my children were involved in after school clubs and sports, while I was working full time. During this time, our furnace ruptured plus flooded the entire basement. I totally forgot to schedule the annual service for our furnace. When I turned on the furnace for the first time, I saw a great deal of dust within the air plus noticed the smell of burnt hair. With everything else happening, I never did anything about it. When our house felt colder than normal, I bumped up our control device. I didn’t know that my children were also changing the thermostat, until the bill came in the mail. I was stunned by our heating costs, especially because our home wasn’t even warm plus comfortable. I was unwilling to keep spending so much money on heat, so I finally hired a Heating as well as A/C contractor to examine the furnace. He said that the inner workings were congested with dust plus debris, plus I was lucky that the plan didn’t overheat plus cause a cracked heat exchanger. He recommended that I purchase in a service plan, which included seasonal cleaning, tuning, plus took care of repair fees. The Heating as well as A/C contractor now contacts me during the fall season to remind me to schedule proactive service.

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