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I was about five when my mother took me to the allergy doctor.  After weeks of testing, we found out that I had high sensitivity to nearly every environmental allergen, known to man.  Mom wanted to make sure I was always feeling so she had our HVAC tech install the best air purification system they had.   I seldom had any flare-ups after it was installed, and my family benefitted from it, also.  When I finally went to college, I had a terrible time.  We never even gave it a thought that there wouldn’t be an air purification system in the dorm.s  It did not take long before my allergies were flaring up.  It had been so long since I had a flare-up that I forgot how bad they could be.  I was told that I couldn’t change the air filters, and I was getting progressively worse.  I talked to my dorm advisor and she suggested that I go to the college infirmary.  Once again, I had to go through the story of having allergies and my mom getting the air purification system, and the inability to be able to change the air filters in my dorm room.  He took information about my family physician, and then he asked me to come back the next day.  When I got to the infirmary, he had prepared a note for me to take to the admissions office.  The note was a special request for me to be switched out of the dorm, and into a special dorm.  I had no idea they had dorms that were equipped with air purification just for students like me.  

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